Since land has become some valuable property in nowadays. I would develop this land to do estate business for it is the best way to explore the largest valuable of land in my imagination.

First and foremost, estate business is in the limelight now for its brilliant future. I believe it will make my land luxury and worthy amounts of money. Development of economic has sparked the concept of Chinese people and harboring private department is the major symbolism of wealth instead of number in account. A good case in point is that some of my relatives who can earn much money have bought more than two departments. Their belief is that estates would guarantee their properties safer than bank and estates are more practicable which can save for their descendants.

Anther reason should be taken into account is that to do estate business will offer more jobs for people and it must release the unemployed situation. As a new and hot industry, estate needs large number of people to participate, not only the architectures and house-sellers, but also the professors who can give theoretic support. With the society’s concerning, estate has potential valuable to develop and it must be the largest and most complex industry in china.

To speak frankly, there is more remarkable reason why I use the land to do estate business, the last but not the least important reason is that to do estate business can exercise my business-minded and challenge my ability to suit society. As I noticed before, the estate business is a new industry in china though it developed maturely in foreign countries. “New” means risks and opportunities, needing more imagination. Compared with the other safety utilizes of the land such as do agriculture or build a park, I would prefer it enter the business field which would influx fresh blood to the land and also to me.

Written on 09月 28th, 2005 , English writing exercise

Basic to any understanding of the fundamental traits of every generation is the prints of the times. The living times of my generation and my parents’ generation is the several decades which dramatic changes had happened and were marked as the milestone in Chinese history. Consequently, the ideology is the biggest diversity of these two generations which derived from living condition, education condition and the ability to absorb new concepts.

First and foremost, the different living conditions drive to different living custom. My parents’ generation claims the living virtue as frugality and austerity because of those poverty-stricken times they had undergone, while my generation worships the living attitude as cozy and casual attributed to the opening society affected by western cultures.

Undoubtedly, the different living condition supported the distinct ideologies of these two generations, but the diversity also derived from the education condition. My parents’ generation cherish every opportunities and emphasized on the practicability of everything because of their unforgettable times, lacking all the substances, as well as education opportunities. As my parents always tell me that studying techniques and science is more useful than history and literature which I definitely disagree. In contrast, I prefer to such mentally knowledge in pursuit of the essence of life and the origin of the world.

These two aspects above lead to the different ability to absorb new concepts. The western concepts began streaming into china by the late 1980’s and became a flood recently. My generation grown up companying these new concepts and used to merge them into our lives while the older generation need quite a long time to accept, from suspicion to criticism, at last accepted. It is a little bit haste to say which attitude of new concepts is better but the one thing could be sure is that the combination of these two attitudes must fuel the development of our society.

In conclusion, all the analysis aforementioned proved that the diversities exist between every generation inevitably. However, clearly understand the causes of diversities help us communicating and sweeping the generation gap.

Written on 09月 28th, 2005 , English writing exercise

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