Under the atmosphere of efficiency and practiced disseminated widespread, our society put more and more stress on people’s appearance. Although some antique and rigid educations have transplanted the principle into our minds, such as “interior is much more important than appearance” or “appearance always blinds people’s eyes”, no matter accept or not, the reality is, appearance especially clothes inevitably and necessarily changing people behavior.

First and foremost, clothes inevitably influence the way the others judged one person. A good case in point is the situation of interview, as the dominate element of impression, clothes catch people’s eye ball instantly and there is no time to wait one to prove the interior truth one behind clothes. Change an angle to say, people deem to feel frustrate if lose the opportunities because of clothes. Sequent, one’s behavior will lack of confidence and how can a person be successful in anything without confidence?

Another cardinal aspect that would gain credence is that, to some extent, clothes reflect the character and habit of people. Judging people from the triviality is a principle accepted by most. Clothes, as the necessary of life and the first thing repeated everyday, should be taken into account when judging one comprehensively. Hardly can trust a person the one cannot done well in such basic thing.

The third paramount facet stems from some abstract value of clothes which influence people by reminding one’s profession and identity. Surpass the applied practice of keeping warm and looking good, clothes act as a symbol of every profession discipline in society, which is also the origin of professional uniforms. People must realize one thing: the moment you put on uniforms, you are claiming to the world silently that you are professional, endowed responsibilities and moral contracts, hanged ahead the pride and promise.

All these factor aforementioned drive a remarkable conclusion that different clothes influence the way people behave. In fact, these inclusion dates back to Genesis of Bible, when Adam and Eve stole the forbidden fruits in Eden, when they use the leaves as the first clothes, human beings behavior destined to be influence by clothes.

Written on 10月 10th, 2005 , English writing exercise

The process of study is a long and hard way to accumulate knowledge which is somewhat similar to explore a mountain for alpinists. The institute of classes and classification of subjects in university play a role just as compasses to climbers. So it is a litter bit haste to say that it is better for students to take classes in many subjects, or vice verse. Different stage requires different knowledge systems.

First and foremost, when knowing a mountain for the first time, a careful climber should gather information as much as possible, in order to form a generally understanding of it, which is also the most important foundation of a successful exploration. Similarly, for university study, it’s much the same. It’s reasonable for undergraduate students to take classes in many subjects. For one hand, it might broaden horizons of students and stimulate their potential abilities; for the other hand, it gives a systematic overall foundation linked different fields of knowledge which cultivate students to consider comprehensively.

After the period of generally understanding, a mature climber should make out his own blueprints based on the experience of the first period. Likewise, a graduate student who has possessed an academic inclination through the synthetic study in many subjects could build a theory more reliable and sensible for further research. The summit, the only purpose of this period, needed specialized study to attain. Obviously, the summit is the single aim and the solitary goal, but without the academically biased circumstance offered by the first period, our spiritual outlook will be different, we would lay less stress on “fact and figures” and more on applied psychology and the capacity to get along with arounds which distract us to go out of our way.

A good point in case is myself experience. Public administration and literature, two degrees I endeavored to receive during my undergraduate study, make me deeply understand both of these two fields of subjects. Compared with the counterparts, I have a better writing skill and abstract comprehension to study public administration and also more rational to grasp literature. As a sequent, I form a comprise method and unique style for myself. I also plan the research direction--culture industry, which is a connection of administration and literature.

In a final analysis, the purpose of education is to conduct students until they have from their independent study methods. After all, the students are not the mechanical accessories which can be fabricated in the same mode. The situation should be changed according to every student and depend on the circumstances.

Written on 10月 8th, 2005 , English writing exercise

Earth, the mother of human beings, has contributed its abundant resources to us for billions of years. However, in the meantime of bestowal of the earth, human beings have damaged the earth unconsciously and this damage is showing itself, threatening human society in return.

First of all, the growing industry destroyed the environment so seriously that more and more species in the earth have extinguished (been extinct), even those survivable species are facing pollution. The terrible infectious disease SARS is the warning bell to human beings. Coincident with concerns about the accelerating loss of species and habitats has been a growing appreciation of the importance of biological diversity, the number of species in a particular ecosystem, to the health of the earth and human well-being.

Undoubtedly, the unbalanced ecosystem caused by growing industry damaged the earth, but the damage is also derived from the increasing population and the wanton abuse of resource. Human beings, the largest consumption biology, are increasing exponentially. Consequently, the visible crises have taken place in some developing countries frequently, companied with the population problem. A good point in case is the poverty-stricken period in Chinese history, the resource of food could not feed large amount of people in china. Some foreign sociologists had even affirmed that it is impossible for china to feed its population over 20 percents of the world with its land below 10 percents of the world. Through this hardest period, Chinese had to practise the only one child policy when it realized the burden of large population. Although it is an inhumane policy in my view, it is the only way out for china.

Additionally, all of the problems are based on the lack of resource. In the beginning, human beings viewed the natural resource of the earth as endless, and they used it uncontrollably, ultimately breaked out resource crisis. While we enjoy the comfort and banal luxury of our dwellings, we don’t realize that we are deprived of the necessities of life. The modern city consists of monstrous edifices and of dark, narrow streets full of petrol fumes, coal dust gases, torn by the noise of the taxi-cabs, lorries and buses, and thronged ceaselessly by great crowds. All these pictures are the ruined face of the earth which has been extracted all the vitality, only filled with a pathetic sense of being lost.

Undeniably, human beings endeavored to make the earth more comfortable to live, but these endeavors depart from the most basic principal. What is called “modern civilization” is not the result of a balanced development of all man’s nature, but the cost of harmonious of the earth and human beings themselves.

Written on 10月 6th, 2005 , English writing exercise

A dream that harbored by human beings since ancient times is to fly in the sky as freely as birds and it turned out to be a reality finally due to the invention of airplanes. As the fastest transportation vehicle, airplanes opened a new accessibility access to the sky, which was still mysterious to human beings, sparked an explosion of transportation development and fueled what we know as global village.

First of all, airplanes shorten the distance of people, not only in geography, but also in emotion. Before the invention of airplanes, people viewed going out, even to a nearby city, as far, and they sought various means, to keep in touch with their relatives far away, which formed the main topic of Chinese classic literature such as parting poems and homesick poems written in their enlisted time. Being separated from relatives is one of the most unfortunate things in life, just as the old saying “out of sight, out of mind”. However, nowadays, airplanes relieved these sadness caused by distance, costing several hours or several days at most.

Moreover, every field of human beings is the evidence of changing by airplanes more than I could shake a stick at. Take the economics for example; the high price of air ticket pushed the air companies’ severe rivalry to seek for high profits, as well as the exponential development of transportation industry. The transnational corporations are undeniably originated from the developed transportation because it makes possibility to transport raw materials globally, have meeting in any branches. Let’s get down to fundamentals and must agree that all these are based on the invention of airplanes.

Undoubtedly, every coin has two sides. Besides the convenience and efficiency brought by airplanes, national defence is facing serious menace as well. The warning bell has been striking by the tragic event of September 11, 2001 which is a terrorism assault through airplanes. The collapse of the Twin Towers, the icon for capitalism for the western world, marked the worst terrorist act ever committed on American soil and Americans were shocked and angry. Obviously, it is also the tragic in the history of airplane development. Since that, airplanes and airports are viewed as weakness of national defence and have profoundly changed the international relationship.

In conclusion, I choose the airplanes as the most important vehicle because it is the prolongations of human’s physicals and mentalities, not only surpass the values as transportation, but also become the symbol of the strength of politics, economics and culture.

Written on 10月 2nd, 2005 , English writing exercise

Since land has become some valuable property in nowadays. I would develop this land to do estate business for it is the best way to explore the largest valuable of land in my imagination.

First and foremost, estate business is in the limelight now for its brilliant future. I believe it will make my land luxury and worthy amounts of money. Development of economic has sparked the concept of Chinese people and harboring private department is the major symbolism of wealth instead of number in account. A good case in point is that some of my relatives who can earn much money have bought more than two departments. Their belief is that estates would guarantee their properties safer than bank and estates are more practicable which can save for their descendants.

Anther reason should be taken into account is that to do estate business will offer more jobs for people and it must release the unemployed situation. As a new and hot industry, estate needs large number of people to participate, not only the architectures and house-sellers, but also the professors who can give theoretic support. With the society’s concerning, estate has potential valuable to develop and it must be the largest and most complex industry in china.

To speak frankly, there is more remarkable reason why I use the land to do estate business, the last but not the least important reason is that to do estate business can exercise my business-minded and challenge my ability to suit society. As I noticed before, the estate business is a new industry in china though it developed maturely in foreign countries. “New” means risks and opportunities, needing more imagination. Compared with the other safety utilizes of the land such as do agriculture or build a park, I would prefer it enter the business field which would influx fresh blood to the land and also to me.

Written on 09月 28th, 2005 , English writing exercise

Basic to any understanding of the fundamental traits of every generation is the prints of the times. The living times of my generation and my parents’ generation is the several decades which dramatic changes had happened and were marked as the milestone in Chinese history. Consequently, the ideology is the biggest diversity of these two generations which derived from living condition, education condition and the ability to absorb new concepts.

First and foremost, the different living conditions drive to different living custom. My parents’ generation claims the living virtue as frugality and austerity because of those poverty-stricken times they had undergone, while my generation worships the living attitude as cozy and casual attributed to the opening society affected by western cultures.

Undoubtedly, the different living condition supported the distinct ideologies of these two generations, but the diversity also derived from the education condition. My parents’ generation cherish every opportunities and emphasized on the practicability of everything because of their unforgettable times, lacking all the substances, as well as education opportunities. As my parents always tell me that studying techniques and science is more useful than history and literature which I definitely disagree. In contrast, I prefer to such mentally knowledge in pursuit of the essence of life and the origin of the world.

These two aspects above lead to the different ability to absorb new concepts. The western concepts began streaming into china by the late 1980’s and became a flood recently. My generation grown up companying these new concepts and used to merge them into our lives while the older generation need quite a long time to accept, from suspicion to criticism, at last accepted. It is a little bit haste to say which attitude of new concepts is better but the one thing could be sure is that the combination of these two attitudes must fuel the development of our society.

In conclusion, all the analysis aforementioned proved that the diversities exist between every generation inevitably. However, clearly understand the causes of diversities help us communicating and sweeping the generation gap.

Written on 09月 28th, 2005 , English writing exercise

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